Overview of our parkour course in the game. Find the best loot at the end of the course.
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It’s been a while since we posted a Development Blog, but we haven’t been on vacation, in fact, the opposite is true. Here at ZSGO, our devs have been working long, trying to perfect even the smallest details in the game! The devs are dead set; they don’t want to leave any stones unturned!

So since Development Blog #5 came out, a lot has changed, and a lot has been added to the game. And you can expect more juicy updates to follow this one. 

As for now, we are introducing to you the new points of interest we have added. As you know by now, we will share some images of the progress and explain the motive behind it. 

Parkour Town

As the name suggests, this town has been created, keeping Parkour in mind. We thought most of the cities and POIs we added were very linear, so we decided to switch things up a bit and went vertical!

And this Parkour town is an example of this new philosophy. The town is covered with planks, boards, rubble, etc, which will allow you to scale the rooftops. The advantage of doing so is that the zombies can’t reach you.

The town itself was once inhabited by people who built ramps and ladders for easy access to the rooftops!

We also took the opportunity to add some mini parkor courses. Well, they’re not actually separate Parkour courses, more like small mini-courses that fit in with the town. And if you manage to complete it, you just might find some loot!

Military Airfield Base

We’ve built an Airfield that is full of high-level tier-three loot. But reaching this place won’t be easy!

Two sets of military barracks have been added, the North and South, respectively, with an Air Traffic Control tower right in the middle.

These barracks provide high-level loot and a lot of covers when engaged in a battle.

Prison Development

Usually, you would want to be anywhere near a prison, but in the brutal hellscape that is the world of ZSGO, we think the player will find comfort and refuge behind the prison walls.

Here are a few images from the prison we’ve built. The location is still under development so this is in no way, shape, or form the final product; we’re still working on it.


The last thing we like to show off is this small Roadblock. This might look like just another POI, but it has so much lore behind it!

The map of ZSGO got infested with zombies, and humans were on the verge of extinction; they were running away (or atleast trying to) in their cars. But this roadblock stopped them from going forward. So many have perished, stuck in the worst traffic jam of their life.

I wonder what kind of loot you’ll find here!

And that’s it for today’s dev blog. If you want to know more about the game, you can always check our website and our previous dev blogs; we have posted some excellent progress images there. And if you want to support ur project, you can always subscribe to our Patreon and become a member. There are additional perks given to the members, so make sure you check them out!

Howdy survivors!
I'm Dev Ear and I mainly handle the gameplay loop, web development, and Discord! I have also been surviving online FPS games for 10+ years. I have probably briefly touched every survival fps game you can think of.
The current survival fps drought means that it’s time for our team to step in and create what everyone has been waiting for!
Besides game development, I like making music and every now and then touching some grass. Since release, it's been nothing but ZSGO however. Can't wait to see what the game evolves into!
See you all in ZSGO!

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