Police station with zombies and new guns.
by Dev Gibby and Dev Ear in

New Exhilarating Update! Big Weapons & Attachments Update has arrived. Step up your survival adventure with the latest weapons enhancements in ZSGO: going live on November 17th.

As we eagerly anticipate this major update, we want to share with you all the exciting improvements and updates that are set to revolutionize your survival and battling tactics.

In just a few days, you’ll get to experience a richer arsenal, enhanced attachment options and improved melee mechanics. Get ready to fight, loot, and survive like never before.

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New Weapons Arrivals

New survival game weapons in inventory.

Adventurers, brace yourselves for an entirely new wave of weapons. We’ve added a range of weaponry to assist you in your survival journey. Let’s get into the details:

  • Boom Stick – this new addition requires just 2 stones, 5 wood, and a pipe to craft.
  • Varmint Gun – a small-caliber firearm designed for varmint hunting. Great for small targets!
  • 9mm Rifle – this versatile piece of equipment gives you the needed edge in a sticky situation.
  • Subpar SMG – modify to your heart’s desire, this is not your standard, basic SMG.
  • KA74 – an assault rifle that can become a centerpiece of your long-range battle tactics.

New Attachments Additions

Take advantage of the latest additions to our attachment options. Equip your weapons with the following upgrades for enhanced accuracy and performance:

Zombie game inventory with new weapons & attachments.
  • Red Dot Sight – for the believers of pinpoint accuracy.
  • Holo Sight – improves targeting precision and aim stability.
  • Reflex Sight – for those who prioritize quick target acquisition.
  • Sniper Scope – perfect for those keen on long-range engagements.
  • Military Sniper Scope – a high-end scope providing greater magnification.

Improved Melee Mechanics

We’re also enhancing the melee fighting experience with a buff of the current melee mechanics. We’ve made the hitbox much bigger to be more robust and intuitive, making it much easier to inflict damage on zombies while on the move. This improvement enhances the overall realism and dynamic nature of the game, making your survival journey even more thrilling.

Let me know your thoughts on Discord, and as always – thank you for reading and all the support from the community <3 we wouldn’t do it without you guys.

Hey, my name is Gibby and I have been a PC gamer for over 10+ years. I have been passionate about the gaming industry and zombie games since I was 13.

I now have a Bachelor of Business Administration Information Systems. I consider myself an expert in the principles of programming and computer systems, project management, data communications, network implementation, and systems quality assurance and security.

Howdy survivors!
I'm Dev Ear and I mainly handle the gameplay loop, web development, and Discord! I have also been surviving online FPS games for 10+ years. I have probably briefly touched every survival fps game you can think of.
The current survival fps drought means that it’s time for our team to step in and create what everyone has been waiting for!
Besides game development, I like making music and every now and then touching some grass. Since release, it's been nothing but ZSGO however. Can't wait to see what the game evolves into!
See you all in ZSGO!

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