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Welcome, survivors! Big news – we’re launching public beta access and dropping a major February update, plus a special sale event!

How to Access the Beta Branch

Joining the ZSGO beta is straightforward. Start your journey to experiencing the newest features before anyone else!

  1. Join the ZSGO Discord via discord.com/invite/AzPa3zUSNc
  2. Go to the testing-opt-in channel
  3. Click on the green Beta-tester button
  4. Access to the beta-branch channel will be granted

Inside the beta-branch channel, detailed instructions for accessing the beta branch through Steam will be posted. We’re excited to see your feedback!

Details on the February Update

This update is packed with significant enhancements aimed at improving the PvE experience, making the world of ZSGO more thrilling. Alongside, we’ve also implemented important adjustments based on your valuable feedback, optimizing various gameplay aspects for a smoother experience.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect:

  • Better PvE threat dynamics for enhanced gameplay.
  • Updated base security features for improved defense mechanisms.
  • Optimized game performance for a seamless gaming experience.

For a deep dive into all the adjustments and additions, check out our latest Dev Vlog on YouTube.

Enhancements to PvE

The focus of our February update is to enrich the PvE landscape, bringing more challenges and excitement to your survival journey. From menacing zombie behaviors to environmental hazards, your survival skills will be put to the test like never before.

Don’t Miss Our Special Sale Event!

Mark your calendars! In celebration of our latest update and to thank our committed community, we’re hosting a special sale event. Enjoy a 22% discount on ZSGO from February 9th through February 12th. It’s a perfect time to invite friends to join your survival squad!

Hey, my name is Gibby and I have been a PC gamer for over 10+ years. I have been passionate about the gaming industry and zombie games since I was 13.

I now have a Bachelor of Business Administration Information Systems. I consider myself an expert in the principles of programming and computer systems, project management, data communications, network implementation, and systems quality assurance and security.

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