Zombie Game Dev Vlog Update
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Greetings, survivors!

This time we’re bringing you behind the scenes with an in-depth look into our latest developments for ZSGO. A big thanks to our community on Discord, Patreon Supporters, and anyone who has taken the time to provide feedback. Your contribution is invaluable to our journey!

Welcome to our development vlog where we dive deep into the upcoming ZSGO game update v 0.4.7. As a small indie team, we’re facing countless challenges and want to keep you in the loop with our progress and hurdles. We value your support and feedback, so please don’t hesitate to reach out or join the discussion on our Discord.

Dev Vlog Zombie Game Update

Our latest YouTube video offers an insider look at the development of ZSGO, particularly focusing on update v 0.4.7. We acknowledge the complexities behind game development and assure you there’s much happening behind the scenes to enhance your gaming experience. Your input is crucial to us, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or join our Discord community.

Previous Base Security Update

In our most recent update, v0.4.6, we addressed some feedback regarding the ownership box used for base protection. Recognizing its limited size, in our upcoming update, v0.4.7, significant enhancements have been made to widen the protection area and improve overall base security. Stay tuned for a more intuitive building experience!

Ownership Box & Features

With update v0.4.7, we’re introducing several new features to enhance the base building and ownership experience:

  • Ownership Tether
  • Blue Build Zone indicator
  • Foundation Snapping

These improvements aim to provide clearer visual feedback and more flexibility in base construction.

Build Part List Expansion

We’re excited to announce a significant expansion to the build part list. This update will introduce new components geared towards enhancing the base-building experience:

  • Exterior Walls & Gates
  • Anti-Rad Shower
  • Weapon Durability and Repair Bench

These additions are just a glimpse into our broader plan to evolve and enrich the game’s building system.


Optimization remains a top priority, and we’re continuously working to improve game performance. The introduction of culling and atmospheric fog aims to enhance gameplay while offering a richer, more immersive environment.

We’re wholly committed to refining these elements to deliver the best possible experience for our survivors.


As we continue our journey in developing ZSGO, your support and feedback remain invaluable. Remember to reach out with any questions or comments, and consider joining our Discord to become an active part of our community. Thank you for all your support, survivors. See you in the apocalypse!


Hello, I go by Jest and I'm a Developer and Programmer for ZSGO. I'm an avid survival game modder and community contributor of several games for over 5+ years, my passion for the genre runs deep. Perhaps we've already run into each other in the wastelands but if not, "You Friendly?" After years of learning the workings of Unreal Engine I decided to team up with several individuals to try and bring our vision to life levying the power of the new Unreal Engine 5. If I'm not saving bullets against zombies I also enjoy creating music, hardware tinkering/modding, taking apart old software, and gaming in general. Hope to see you out there, stay safe and survive!

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