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This week’s blog will cover a slew of new features that have been added to ZSGO, which drastically change how the game looks and feels. The addition of such new features will take place almost every week as the development is in full swing here at ZSGO studios; if you want to know more about the game, look at the previous blogs and become a Patreon member for additional perks. That being said, let’s jump right into it as we have a lot to cover today!

Dynamic Weather Update

The lighting and the weather play a massive role in setting the game’s aesthetic and how the game is viewed by the players. A zombie game should give off eerie vibes, there should be no hope of survival, and skies should be dark to represent this loss of hope as it is a zombie survival game, after all.

Ths can be achieved by using whether, believe it or not, the weather plays a vital role in our moods; when it is a sunny day, we feel happy, and when the sky is filled with dark clouds waiting to be put down, we feel kinda sad, and adding weather to the game can help deliver a genuine experience.

So the developers have a dazed dynamic weather system that’ll change, giving the players a sense of realism when playing ZSGO.

And by dynamic, whether we not only mean small bursts or rains, no, we’ve also added a whole of a slew of natural events that’ll scare you. The thunderstorms, for example, will be one of the sandstorms. For instance, it will be hard to survive as the entire area become almost invisible due to the sand.

Fog also plays an essential role in creating horror game vibes. The fog will make it hard to spot zombies and give the zombie a chance to come from the back and get you.

This will increase the intensity at which the payers are playing the game, making ZSGO an action-packed shooter, which is what we’ve been aiming for since the start of the development.

Storm Effects

Here’s an image that shows an in-game sand storm; as you can see, the building is only a few meters away and is almost invisible. Only the building in the forefront is visible, and that too barely.

Users will take various effects while outside. If it is a sand storm, your visibility will be limited. If it is a rad storm, you will start to become radiated.

Cities Dev Pass

Cities will give the players a lot of space to hide and fight off the zombie apocalypse and other players in a PvP setting.

To create an engaging PvP game, it is necessary to have interesting places to play, and these cities are being built with the intention of just that.
As you can see in the images, the work on these cities is almost complete; the only thing that remains is fine-tuning the entire map to make it enjoyable so that player has fun when exploring.

More Gameplay

Here are a few more images of what to expect from the game when it’s released!

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