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ZSGO’s development is in full swing here, and we‘re excited to share all the new stuff we’ve been adding to the game. Our lead developer Jest has a vision for this game, and he won’t be stopping till this vision is fully implemented. Because we want the end product to be as good as any other AAA title out there!

In this blog post, we decided to shed some light on the recent additions that have been made to the map and the game in general. Jest has added many new buildings to the map, and these buildings aren’t isolated structures in some remote parts of the map; new towns and villages are being built to breathe life into the map.

First Small Town

Any good city planner will understand how important it is to plan out the city beforehand, or else you’ll be left with buildings in random places, making the roads weird, so from the get-go, we have aimed for realism by planning our cities and towns.

As you can see in the image above, the entire block has been built around roads, just like in real-life suburbs and towns. This world though infested with zombies, was at one point inhabited by humans, so it only makes sense to have nicely structured cities.

Town Details

This is the town but from a different angle. Changing perspectives really makes a lot of difference in these images and also lets you know what’s the thought process behind doing certain things in a certain way is.

The town, as you can see, is filled with different amenities and even a hotel; I wonder what kind of loot will be found here.

In the images above, you can see various rectangles. All these cubes represent a structure of some kind. The Dark Blue ones represent Cities, the Light Blue ones represent small cities or towns, and the Orange cubes are military bases; we all know what that means. And finally, we have the red cube, which is an airfield.

You can also see an abandoned church with a zombie infestation on hand; I don’t think anyone is getting time to go to their Sunday Masses. The church also has a parking lot with rusted cards, owners of which are probably mindless zombies right now.

The gas Station looks depressing; there are no cars to be seen anywhere, only the old rusted ones. But this is the vibe ZSGO should be given; after all, the world is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and it certainly isn’t prospering.

Hotel Motel

The Motel might’ve been the go-to destination for people visiting the town. But now, the only people you’ll find at the third reception are dead monsters.


Once a town square bustling with people, now an open space for mindless freaks to run around. The Marketplace will house a lot of loot, but will you be able to fight your way through the wall of zombies to get to it?

The outskirts are beaches, where the players span every time in the game with nothing more than a knife. The player then has to progress in the game by moving north. He will face off against a harder nemesis as he moves north and gets better loot.

Once a town square bustling with people, now an open space for mindless freaks to run around. The Marketplace will house a lot of loot, but will you be able to fight your way through the wall of zombies to get to it?

Interior Designs

Now just having good looming structures on the map will obviously make the map look cool. But the interiors of these houses matter a lot too.

And it is a big deal because people have to spend time creating every object and item you see in the interiors to make it looks realistic, and let me tell you, it ain’t easy, so when you enter some houses in ZSGO, make sure to appreciate the time and effort that went into making the room look like it was a murder scene.

We hope you enjoyed the dev blog; we always love sharing the game’s progress. So make sure to read the other blogs we’ve written so far, and we also will be adding new blogs every time we add something new.

Howdy survivors!
I'm Dev Ear and I mainly handle the gameplay loop, web development, and Discord! I have also been surviving online FPS games for 10+ years. I have probably briefly touched every survival fps game you can think of.
The current survival fps drought means that it’s time for our team to step in and create what everyone has been waiting for!
Besides game development, I like making music and every now and then touching some grass. Since release, it's been nothing but ZSGO however. Can't wait to see what the game evolves into!
See you all in ZSGO!

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