Street view of the pub and town center.
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ZSGO is a first-person zombie shooter that emphasizes survival more, giving you a one-of-a-kind experience that is unlike anything else. The game is still very much in the development stage. Our lead developer Jest is hard at work trying to perfect every game aspect.

Over the weeks, we’ve been updating our fans on the game’s development via these small and concise Dev Blogs, which show them where the game is. In the previous blog, we covered the basic game mechanics, crafting, player customization, and everything else related to the game.

And today, we would like to do the same for the new places that have been added to the game. ZSGO takes place on an island in a world where zombies have risen and civilization as we know it has collapsed totally, leaving lone wolves like you to fend for themselves. 

So it becomes necessary to add places onto the map that will house loot, especially guns and ammo. And I can’t think of a better location than a military base to house all this fire power!

Military Bases

This military base will be situated near this giant mountain on the map. There will be multiple military bases spread out across various regions on the map; this is just one of them.

Here are some more images from around the area, showing off the textures and 3-d models built for the game. The military base might look small to many, but getting everything right takes time and effort.

The military base houses a lot of structures that will harbor a lot of interesting loot for the players. The military base might also be yoru best chance at survival if you don’t build a house before nightfall; the towers are a good way of getting away from the zombies.

Med Kits will also be available across the map, but guess where they might be prevalent.

First Town Finished

The map was once inhabited by humans, and that too a large human population, so it only makes sense to add a lot of residential builds and towns around the map if we want the game to be immersive. The towns tell a subtle back story of how the people once living here are now mindless creatures, still lurking around the corners; maybe they still remember their past.

Looking to name a town or city while supporting the development of the game? Discover our Kickstarter and Patreon packages and support indie game development today.

Street view of the pub and town center.
Care for a pint?
Abandoned Pub Interior Game Level Design.
Abanonded pub. A great place to stop during an zombie apocolpyse for a quick drink!
Apart from the military base and the town, we’ve added new buildings to the map like this Police Station and the Pub.
Howdy survivors!
I'm Dev Ear and I mainly handle the gameplay loop, web development, and Discord! I have also been surviving online FPS games for 10+ years. I have probably briefly touched every survival fps game you can think of.
The current survival fps drought means that it’s time for our team to step in and create what everyone has been waiting for!
Besides game development, I like making music and every now and then touching some grass. Since release, it's been nothing but ZSGO however. Can't wait to see what the game evolves into!
See you all in ZSGO!

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