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In this dev blog, the first one, we will shed some light on the progress made so far in various departments, including the graphics, guns, maps, AI, and much more.

Zombie Game Development

We are a small passionate development team looking to craft the next big survival game. Jest, our lead developer has spearheaded the ZSGO development process. The initial stages of coming up with the idea of the game and the objective have been taken care of. The only thing that remains is to get all the ideas on the whiteboard to the PC and write some code!

Survival UI

The user experience should not be the first thing that comes to mind when creating a game, but it is of utmost importance. We don’t want our players to have difficulty finding the health bar when trying to fend off a zombie horde, so UI/UX matters a lot.

In this initial rough sketch, our developer devised how the health bar and other information should be shown on the screen.

In this image, you will see the rough sketch of the game. It has been positioned at the edge of the display so that it doesn’t interfere with your gaming experience.

Here are a couple of images from the game that shows off the Menu as well as the death screen:

Guns & Attachments

Guns are extremely important as this is a zombie shooter game, so we made sure to add a wide array of guns to the game; here’s a sneak peek at one of them, along with the various attachments you can expect to find on the map.

Zombie AI

Granted, the Zombies are mindless creatures hungry for brains and walk funny. But we can’t let our Zombies in-game be stupid creatures; we want them to attack you in different ways so that you don’t get bored of their attacks.

Variations in the Zombie AI will make the game a lot more challenging for you. Still, they will encourage you to devise new tactics to fend off these pesky creatures.

First look at the 4x4km Map

This is the coolest image on this dev blog; it shows off the new custom map created for ZSGO. It has a lot of variation terrain generation-wise, and our team is hard at work filling it in with points of interest and trees to make it look awesome!

The outskirts are beaches, where the players span every time in the game with nothing more than a knife. The player then has to progress in the game by moving north. He will face off against a harder nemesis as he moves north and gets better loot.

And that’s it for this dev blog, and we will keep you updated on every new and exciting thing our devs cook up for you; till then, goodbye!


I'm a computer science student from Pune, India. I love to write about ZSGO and consider myself a gaming expert. I have been building out a wiki page, documenting the indie game development updates, and deeply believe in the company vision.

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